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Saying it is a privilege to capture these intimate and life-lasting moments is an understatement. Here are a few of my favorite recordings from these special days.

The Greek island Lesvos holds so much family history that Kris and Jess knew this is exactly where they would hold their special day. From the wind swept embraces on the hillside to dancing on bar-tops as fireworks explode overhead, this wedding had it all. 

Eli and Annie have this incredibly tender and infectious love, and it was made even more clear on their wedding day through beautiful traditions, surprise serenades and one of the most gorgeous Washington sunsets I've ever seen.

Both Dalton and Hailey were absolute studs in their respective sports in college, so who could be surprised that they fell in love after seeing each other across the field during a practice? And to make it even more precious, they got married in a small Washington hometown on a stunning family estate.

Alison surprised Isaac with a notebook full of love letters that she has been writing for a whole year prior to the wedding day.. just one of the many heartfelt moments from this incredible wedding day. Needless to say, their love was magical to capture.

Taylor and Madison not only share a connection that is hard to come by, they also have an electric energy that sure knows how to get a party started. You'll probably want to be their best friends after you watch this one.

I mean look at these two.. are you kidding me? Straight from a magazine. Plus they had a hand crafted bacon tower in the middle of the dance floor. Does it get any better?

Elegant and pure. Charlie and Erin have this beautiful and gracious love that is so evident, and getting married at one of the most beautiful venues in Seattle was just the cherry on top.

This is the kind of love that makes you smile. Michael and Jessica have the best balance of goofiness and intimacy, and their wedding day was covered with both. This right here is a power couple.

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