Before becoming an All-Star, Liam Hendriks was designated for assignment five times.

This is a mini documentary on Liam's resilience and unparalleled drive to prove the world he could be one of the best relievers in the MLB.

Growing up, Justin Dunn was always undersized and overlooked.

This is a mini documentary on Justin's determination to hurdle obstacles many said he couldn't in order to make his way to the MLB.

Tommy John. The most dreaded name in baseball. We go behind the scenes and inside the mind of Ryan Burr as he battles the numerous struggles that come alongside this career altering surgery.

The Los Angeles Angels did the impossible by throwing a combined no hitter on the night of honoring their late team mate, Tyler Skaggs. We sat down with Taylor Cole, the starting pitcher that evening, to walk us through his perspective from that unbelievable evening.

In his childhood, Trevor Bauer used to ride his bike to a local field to get his work in.

He now finds himself in the exact same situation years later, only this time as a professional baseball player. This is how Trevor prepped and stayed ready for the shortened 2020 MLB season.

The pressure of constantly performing at such a high level pays a toll on players. Josh Hader talks about the importance of finding an escape to let your mind rest while casting some lines.

A deeper look into one of the most driven, motivated and talented individuals in the MLB. We follow Michael Lorenzen to see all that goes into the day of an elite athlete, and learn about his impressive approach not only his craft, but life as a whole.

The analytical approach has always been a staple for Trevor Bauer's daily routine. We get a behind the scenes look at all of the tests, details and data Trevor tracks and leans on to continually sharpen his skills as an established MLB pitcher.

We gathered a group of 15+ big leaguers as well as a few MLB legends to play a pickup game of whiffle ball, and it didn't disappoint. 

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